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An eye-catching design

Each icon on Ordissimo is identifiable in the glance of an eye. Ordissimo is a computer designed for daily use for those of us that don't want to spend our time on maintenance and installing updates. While some computers have confusing 3D images, Ordissimo has easy to identify icons, after all we're looking to send an email.

It's so easy why wasn't it like this before?

The homepage gives you access to all the main functions: Write an email, view emails received, Use the Webcam, Browse through photos, talk on skype, chat on OMSN, look at your favourite websites and search the Internet... Simply turn on your Ordissimo, and click on the function you want to use. You are in control 100% at all times and you can even Zoom in on important emails and articles.

All the essentials in the glance on an eye

On the bottom left of your screen, the application bar is always on your screen. In the centre of the screen are all the useful function our clients use. On the bottom right, the setting bar gives you easy access to the setting of your Ordissimo; Screen size, Time and Date and even an instruction manuel to help you better manage your Ordissimo. Everything is grouped together to make your experience smooth and pleasant.