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Clever Organisation

Manage your photos so they are easily accessible. Upload your photos from your digital camera and Photossimo will scan them to your hard drive and save them in a folder. On the left of your screen are your albums, on the right their contents and thanks to our Zoom functions you can enlarge or reduce the size of your photos!

Touch-Up your photos

We don't want to be bombarded with useless options. It was through asking our customers what options they want, that Photossimo was created. You can create a slideshow, cut your images out, pivot them, add comments, print them, change the brightness, change the contrast, put them in black and white or Sepia, remove Red eyes, reduce the size and much more in just one click!

Easy to Save

There is nothing more annoying than realising that you have permanently changed your orginal photo! Photossimo gives you the freedom to modify your photos with ease. For each modification, a copy of the original photo is saved so if you make a mistake you can start over!