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Easy to Organise

All the necessary functions are at the top of your screen: Create, Open, Rename, Copy, Paste and Move. Your information is sorted on the left of your screen in three groups: Documents, Music and Pictures. To move a document, simply click on 'Move' and selct where you would like to put it.

Instant recognition of your Scanner and USB devices

Once plugged in, any hardware with a USB port is instantly recognised and displayed on the screen! Ordissimo will recognise your scanner and allow you to transfer information to your Ordissimo in one click. No need to install any complicated software!


Your documents are organised in alphabetical order. If you have a long list of documents, click on the letter 'R' on your keyboard and all your documents beginning with the letter 'R' will appear. If you want to listen to some of your music or watch a film, simply insert the CD or DVD and your Ordissimo will instantly recognise the disk and start playing, without having other multimedia applications appear. All standard formats are compatible, leaving you to enjoy your CD or DVD.