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Technical Details

A complete Computer

  • A multitask Operating system
  • A real computer compatible with all Webcams, Printers, SD Cards and USB devices!
  • Wifi and 3g enabled...
  • Protected against viruses
  • Applications based on the most recent Software platforms: Thunderbird, Firefox, Open Office, etc...

Based on the latest technologies!

  • Open Office which allows users to visualise documents in a number of formats
  • Latest Flash player
  • Latest linux Operating System 3.12.5
  • System reboot in less than 25 seconds.
  • Enlightenment tool to manage multiple windows
  • Easy to use: A beginner can send an email in 3 clicks compared to 7 in Windows
  • Smooth navigation between applications

Technology that serves you!

  • All Ordissimo applications have been adapted for easy use.
  • One function per button
  • Simplified keyboard: Separate keys for 'Copy, Paste, Print and Zoom'.
  • All Plug-ins installed and recognised instantly (mp3, wav, pdf, docx, jpg, gif, psd, bmp, streaming, etc...)
  • Update the Operating System in one click
  • VPN secured configuration if required