The Office Pack

The Ordissimo office pack
Ordissimo The computer for
really everybody..
You have easy access to all your necessary functions with Ordissimo. Easy to use, whatever level of skill you have in computing.
Easy Keyboard
All the main applications are accessible from one touch, the zoom button for example allows you to enlarge/reduce the size of the text on your screen. Everything is in plain English, so the user can understand in a glance what the key can do.
More details
Points forts
  • Disque dur (320 Go)
  • Réseau sans fil WIFI
  • Multi usages multimédia/bureautique
  • Clavier simplifié Ordissimo
Fiche technique
  • Processeur AMD E450
  • Mémoire vive 2Go
  • Disque dur 320Go
  • Réseau sans fil WIFI
  • Dimensions 255x295x60 mm
  • Poids 4,5 Kg