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Discover all the functions of ORDISSIMO

Whatever level of skill you have in computing, you have easy access to all your necessary functions with Ordissimo.

With just one click on your mouse, you can send an email, surf the internet, look through your photos, or turn on your webcam, we have made everything easy to use.

With its smart interface, Ordissimo has been created to make life easier

Demo videos

Ordissimo :: General presentation
General presentation
Ordissimo :: Emails
Ordissimo :: Internet
Ordissimo :: Text
Ordissimo :: Photos
Ordissimo :: Adress book
Adress book
Ordissimo :: Documents
Ordissimo :: Home page
Home page

Technical details

tutorial Mozilla / OpenOffice / EFL / Adobe Flash / Skype all of these functions are included in Ordissimo

Learn why using Ordissimo technology will make your life easier

Adding new apps

tutorial Quickly add a lot of other apps on your homepage just by clicking on the "Customize" button.

Your Ordissimo is always ready to evolve as your needs change.