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Why Ordissimo ?

In UK, more than 15 million people do not feel comfortable with computers. Ordissimo is dedicated to them and has been offering a remarkable ease of use for more than 10 years.

Discover why Ordissimo is the best computer for beginners.
With Ordissimo, get all the benefits of a computer that combines performance and ease of use..
Ordissimo is an easy-to-use computer for all beginners and for people people looking for simplicity.
With its intuitive operating system, the handling of Ordissimo is super fast..
Everything is clear and logically ordered to make your life easier. You can only get things right !
Ready to use, Ordissimo gives you immediate access to all functions of a traditional computer when you first launch it :
Internet, Email, Webcam, Photos, Texts, Spreadsheet, Calendar, Contacts, Agenda, Games... Applications are so easy you will ask yourself why other computers are not made the same.
Ordissimo is known for its stability and its excellent safety guarantees.
The unique operating system structure implemented on all Ordissimo automatically immunize your computer against viruses.
Ordissimo remarkable ease of use meets the expectations of all those who do not feel comfortable with computers: at home moms, professionals, senior citizens, artisans and « everybody but the geek » ...
With Ordissimo, you can customize your homepage by installing new applications in one click. Learn more about customizing ...
...Just as the Ordissimo Keyboard ! Each button represents a single character. No need to combine the keys to access, for example, "? "The @ sign " or the usual functions like" copy / paste ".  Learn more about the keyboard ...
...As the "Zoom" button on the Ordissimo keyboard which allows you to magnify or reduce at will the text displayed on the screen.
Ordissimo supports most common formats on the market (mp3, doc, xls, pdf, flash, ppt, jpg, bmp, ogg, wav, java, etc..). images, slides, sounds ... You can exchange all type of files with anybody.