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Three young students; Christophe Berly, Alexandre Vielle and Brice Delmotte undertook the challenge in July 2002 to create a revolutionary new product: The Worlds first Easy-to-Use computer!

Substantiel was born out of the frustration of seeing their parents struggle with their home computers. This new product would appeal to beginners of all ages from the young, to the young at heart and cover a wide range of uses: from the General Public (Mothers, Fathers, Sons, Daughters and Grandparents) to business people and artists.

After more than 2 years of research and development, the first Ordissimo was made in January 2005. " We wanted to create a computer that would be both intuitive and easy to use for our customers" underlines Alexander Vielle, General Manager of Substantiel. We took a risk and won, without advertising nor a sales network. We found our first hundred customers via... The Internet.

Ordissimo is run on a Linux system and customers had been enthuastically waiting on the first Ordissimo model which at that time resembled a blue brick and could be held in one hand.

After an initial strong success, Substantiel launched their first laptop in April 2006. One month later, we had our 1000th customer. At the end of 2007, Substantiel had sold their 10,000th Ordissimo computer. Since then, more than 10,000 Ordissimos are sold each year.

Here are the important dates for Substantiel and Ordissimo:

  • August 2002: Christophe Berly, Brice Delmotte and Alexandre Vielle still students, founded Sunstantiel with the ambition to create the worlds first Easy-to-Use computer.
  • January 2005: After more than 2 years of research and development, Substantiel launch their first model of Ordissimo.
  • June 2005: To complement the commercial and technological growth, Sunstantiel received financial support of €300k from investors Dominique Japy and Daniel Bernard, former CEO of Carrefour.
  • October 2005: The Launch of the 'all in one' model with a 17" screen, multimedia orientated, 4 loud speakers, a DVD burner and all other standard connections.
  • April 2006: Launch of the first Ordissimo laptop, it transpired to be an ultra light model with a 12" screen.
  • October 2006: Launch of the 'all in one' laptop, today this version has evoled into the Touchscreen.
  • December 2007: Sale of the 10,000th Ordissimo computer
  • December 2008: To support the growing demand for Ordissimo computers, Avenir Finance invested €1.2 million in Substantiel.
  • March 2010: The company expanded out of its previous base in the 15th district of Paris to the current premises in Montrouge.
  • November 2010: The launch of Ordissimo Version 2
  • July 2011: The launch of Ordissimo's touchscreen tablet.
  • September 2012: Ordissimo launch in UK and Germany.

Here is Ordissimo in numbers

  • Substantiel is a private limited company with a capital of €376,938
  • Turnover in 2011 : €5.5 million
  • 30 employees
  • 35% of our staff are concentrated in research and development
  • More than 50 000 customers
  • 250 retailers in France
  • Distribution in Germany, the United Kingdom, Belgium et Switzerland

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