What our customers think

What do our customers say!

Since 2005, Ordissimo has attracted thousands and thousands of customers. Our studies have shown that a huge amount of people just want a computer that is easy to use without all the headaches of installing updates, protecting against viruses and all the confusing technical talk. Our customers are varied they consist of those with an active lifestyle or retired, company directors and employees, business people and artists the one common feature among them, is that they all want a reliable, affordable computer that works to their benefit. Ordissimo computers have all the same functions as a conventional computer just without the hassle.

I like to keep updated with all the latest news and gossip...

My neighbour has an Ordissimo and told me that I can read all the newspapers and magazines online for free. I went to a nearby retailer for a demonstration and couldn't believe how easy Ordissimo was to use. And thanks to the Zoom button I no longer need my reading glasses to see the text. ».
Patrick - Chaumont (52)

" I love keeping in touch with friends and family…

Before we lived in Limoges but since my husband retired, we have moved to the south of France. Before we moved a couple of friends had told us of Ordissimo and how we could all stay in touch by email. What attracted us, was its simplicity and one month later we decided to invest in one. Nowadays I can't wait to check my emails for the latest news from friends and family, it has come an important part of our lives now.».
Nicole - Saint Raphaël (83)

It's so nice to see our little granddaughter...

Our son-in-law was transfered to a new job in London last year, just after the birth of our granddaughter Valentine. It was our daughter who advised us to buy a computer with a webcam, so we could keep in touch. We didn't know much about computers and wanted to find something that was just easy to use, it was then that we discovered Ordissimo. As all of their computers are equipped with a webcam, we were spoiled for choice! It's so nice to see our Granddaughter on the screen and I never miss our daily chat. ».
Daniel et Monique - Le Croisic (54)

We store all our photos on Ordissimo, and love reliving the moments...

It was our Silver wedding anniversary and our children really spoiled us. As my husband has a big passion for photographs, they bought us a new digital camera and an Ordissimo laptop. Last summer we went on holidays to Rome and took loads of photos. As soon as we got home my husband uploaded them all to the computer and when our children came to visit us, he put on a Slideshow for them. We even sent some to our friends in an email! ».
Michel et Jacqueline - Auch (32)