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Write, Receive and Send

Mailissimo makes it easier to manage your emails. The three essential functions; 'Write' to write an email, 'Received' to view your latest emails, 'Sent' to view your sent emails. It's a piece of cake! To read your emails more clearly, press the 'Zoom' icon on your screen.

Easy approach to attaching documents to your email

Mailissimo allows you to visualise your attachments. With Mailissimo all HTML photos and images attached are displayed in the body of your email. Click on 'save attachment' to save the file in your documents.

Your Contacts

To write and email to a friend all that is needed to click on his/her name on the left of your screen. All your contacts are stored in alphabetical order like a normal phone book. If you receive an email and would like to add the sender to your contacts. Simply click the button 'Add to my contacts' and the name will be immediately saved.