Simplified Keyboard

Ordissimo keyboards are specially made to make your life easier:

All the main applications are accessible from one touch, the zoom button for example allows you to enlarge/reduce the size of the text on your screen.

For laptops, a keyboard coverskin has been adapted to give a more user-friendly approach. For fixed models, it's just a matter of plugging in the Ordissimo keyboard supplied with the computer.

  • The main applications are accessible at your finger tips!
    Specific keys for 'Homepage, Email, Internet, Write, Spreadsheets, Photos, Documents and Contacts are accessible at the top of the keyboard. So, you need to use the mouse to navigate between different functions on your Ordissimo!
  • The keyboard that makes your life easier!
    To enlarge or reduce the characters on your screen, all that is needed is to tap the Zoom button and select the character size that suits you best. Functions like 'copy and 'paste' are actual buttons on the keyboard which is much easier than taping 'Ctrl C' and 'Ctrl V'. And if you want to print something, tap the 'Print' button!
  • One function for each key!
    Is it natural to hold 'Shift 5' to get a '%' or 'Shift 7' to get '&'. At Ordissimo we don't think so! This is why we have created a unique keyboard where each key has just one function! It reduces errors and makes it easier to type!